Fuel Tank Cleaning

Tank Wizards offers up front prices and an unconditional One-Year Guarantee. If it’s dirty, we clean it. No ifs, ands, or buts!

Our Services Include:

  • Fuel Sampling – on site or by an independent laboratory
  • Fuel Tank Cleaning – both Diesel and Gasoline
  • Fuel Filtration – “Fuel Polishing” on a one-time basis
  • Filtration Systems – Designed and Installed
  • Fuel Maintenance Programs – customized for efficiency
  • Compliance Testing for AHCA, CMS, NFPA and others

Fuel Tank Cleaning

Tank Wizards will clean your fuel and your tank in 5 Steps.

Step 1: We sample your fuel and test for microbial, bacteria, and fungal growth.

Step 2: We treat it with a broad-spectrum microbicide to kill the organisms.

Step 3: We filter the fuel down to a size of 5 microns, separating water and contaminants from the fuel.

Step 4: We rebuild the fuel by adding cetane boosters, lubricity agents, oxygen scavengers, fuel stabilizers, and corrosion inhibitors.

Step 5: We provide a follow-up Maintenance Program.

Fuel Tank Cleaning

Tank Wizards will get to the bottom of it!

“Polishing the Fuel and not cleaning the Tank is like Putting Fresh Milk in a Soured Jug.” The combination of fuel tank cleaning and fuel polishing is the most environmentally responsible solution. Tank Wizards uses a tank cleaning process developed through over 20 years of research and experience that has proven success. A clean tank will help keep your fuel clean and you equipment running. Contact us for a Free Sampling and/or Quote, today!